Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Northern Open Gi Tournament - November 26th

Urban Gorillaz Northern Open Gi Tournament
Sunday November 26th 2006

Venue: Hillsborough Leisure Centre
Penistone Road
S6 2AN

Date: Sunday November 26th 2006

Cost: £25

Event Schedule
Competition starts at 10:30am

Online Registration

Who's going?

Morning training was excellent today. We had a high rep clean & Jerk competition, I was dying at 30. If anyone isn't sensible enough to have a day job why don't you join us in the A.M.s? Lazy tykes.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lee, Bill, Chris and Lisa's warm up for tonight


21, 15, 9 reps for time of:

95lb Cleans

Ring Dips

Muhahahahahahaha good luck!

Dave and Adam; AM training

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Marc Walder Seminar 19th November

BJJ Blackbelt Marc Walder will up in Newcastle once again for Sunday 19th November. I hope everyone can make it for the seminar that weekend at Elswick pool 9.30am - 12.30pm. It's cool for Marc to visit us again.

The Urban Gorillaz Northern Open BJJ Tournament is the following weekend so it's fine timing to brush up on technique if you plan on competing.

I think it will be limited places as last time so get your deposits in ASAP.

Tyrone vs Marc to the death coming soon...

Power Of Scotland 2 - 67kg eight man tournament

Rumour has it Craig Jose is entered into the Power of Scotland 2 event – 4th March 2007 – Braehead Arena

The show is a 67kg eight man full Muay Thai rules knockout tournament. How cool is that?

The prize money will be:

Winner = £3,000
Runner-Up = £1,000
Semi-Finalist = £400
Entry = £200

Total Awesomeness for Craig. Hope he cleans up and scoops the prize money. He'll be a monster at 67kg.

Go Craig!

Sunday - Rest Day

Get eight hours sleep, eat well, rest up.

A few people have expressed an interest in eating better for body composition, performance and health reasons, so I'm planning to post up some guidelines on fuel; A.K.A. nutrition.

The CrossFit prescribed diet goes like this: Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

What this means for most people is cutting out the bread, pasta, wheat products, sugary crap breakfast cereals and following a more natural diet that your body was designed to run on. Make sense?

Balancing out the combination of protein source, carbs and good fats every meal is critical. A typical meal might look like this:

Protein - Every Meal:
Chicken – 3-4oz /120g
Beef – 3-4 oz
Fish – 3-4 oz
Eggs – 2-3 whole eggs
Tuna - can of...
120g drained weight
Smoked mackerel - 3-4oz

Vegetables - Every Meal:
Vegetables – all varieties…as much as you want, especially:
Tomatoes (I know it's technically a fruit but they rock).

Fat - Every meal:
Nuts: raw or LIGHTLY roasted and preferably unsalted – small handful
Almonds (my favourite source)
Avocado – ½ of medium sized one

Olive Oil – use as salad dressing – 1 Tbs. or neck it on a spoon out of the bottle if your brave like me.

Fruit – Occasionally, always with protein!

In order of preference:
all berries


Espresso or Americano’s only
– preferably black - no sugar or artificial sweetner!

All flour products (bread/cake/cookie
s/scones/tortillas/pastries etc.)
All sugars
No Jamba juice! – too much sugar! No Coke, Pepsi or sugary drinks whatsoever.
No Dairy (cheese/milk/butter/cottage cheese, etc)
No Mochas, No Lattes, No Frappaccino’s

Try it for 21 days and tell me you aren't sleeping better, recovering quicker, have more energy, better body composition, feel great, feeling mentally sharper in your job and kicking ass on the mats. (The most measurable benefit for most people will be body fat loss, it will melt off you.)
The second most measurable benefit for most people will be performance gains, indicated by strength, power, endurance and speed improvements across the board.

All measurable health indicators will improve from bone density to blood lipid values and everything above.

The most important supplement you can take apart from sorting out your diet is fish oil.
you need 2.5 g daily of the active ingredients EPA/DHA. This means necking about eight fish oil capsules daily. Try and get at least five a day or a couple with every meal.

Google for info about fish oil - it works wonders for all measurable benefits listed above.

The best place to buy fish oil in the UK is tesco. It's sold as Omega 3 pure fish oil and at the moment is £3.99 for 180 capsules.

Thanks and that is all; please make cheques payable to Ian for the amount of one million dollars.

Ok I'm off for todays dinner number two :)

Scandanavian open 'Oct 2006

Post caption to comments!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fridays Class

Fridays No-Gi theme meant some wrestling basics and Tabata Thai pads for a warm-up. Mixing it up!

I'm thinking next time we'll do flying armbars from the same hook-up. Big Dave and Lee will like those.

There is a mini tournament planned for before Christmas... I'm choosing Wednesday 6th December at random so try and get as much sparring time in as you can before then. If you turn up and do well in your bracket maybe we'll stop ripping on you. (Ahsan).
Most likely it will be the same deal as last time so most of you will know what to expect this time round. (Awesome reffing).

Lisa has lined a fight up this weekend so anyone that wants to make the trip to Doncaster is welcome. The show is Ultimate Force Fighting championship
November 4th
Doncaster, South Yorkshire.


Go Lisa...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

BJJ Competition in London

Nelson Solari invites all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighters to compete in- 3rd COPA BITTETI of BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU on SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER 2006at BATTERSEA YOUTH CENTRE,HOPE STREET,BATTERSEA,LONDON SW11.

Basically this competition is at the same address that the London Open was going to be at and on the same day.Since Roger Brooking has now cancelled The London Open, Nelson would like to give all fighters a chance to compete in London this year.We hope you can come and give your support to U.K. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


All rules and weight divisions as per CBJJ apart from these changes-NO ROOSTER WEIGHTS

PURPLE BELTS- 3 CLASSES- U73KG U85KG OVER 85KG (No Adult and Master categories-all compete together)

FEMALE-As many classes as there is a demand for.

WEIGH IN'S -White Belts- 9am Blue and Purple Belts before 12 midday.White Belts will start fighting at 10 am Blue Belts will start fighting at 12 midday.

ENTRY FEE'S- £25 by post or £40 on the day.Spectators £5

Please send cheques to-NELSON SOLARI
10c Fernham Road
Thornton Heath

with your-ACADEMY NAME


Monday, October 23, 2006

Swedish News

OK we're all home safe and well (enough).

Lisa fought in the -53.5kg category as there was a late entrant. The girl tried to pull guard and swept Lisa. Lisa locked on half guard and worked back to guard and fought for collar chokes and armbars before locking on a triangle. The girl shook her way out of it after a good while and ran the clock out. Lisa lost 2-0 on points.

Ian had no-one in his category so was offered an exhibition fight against the -70kg guy who had no fight. The fight was back and forward but his opponent used his extra weight to trip Ian several times and sweep before winning the fight in points.

Lisa then fought in the absolute and was drawn against a -64kg fighter who stood about 5'9". The girl jumped guard and pulled Lisa down but didn't score. Lisa worked hard to pass the guard for the majority of the fight but her opponents longer legs posed a major hurdle and kept dragging her back to guard. With less than a minute on the clock the girl through her legs up for the triangle, which Lisa defended, and then went over her head to finish with a sitting armbar.

It was a good weekend, albeit a hungry one, and if anyone wants to do it next year I would recommend it as it is a very well run competition with a good skill level.

The trip home was a killer - we left Sweden at 9.30pm, our time, and landed at 11.20pm. We then had to sleep on the cold floor of Stansted until our flight to Newcastle at 8.15am. It was one of those weird nights were you don't sleep and your mind goes mad. I woke up around 5 to find a bloke who looked exactly like Big Lee sleeping on the benches across from me and it took me a while to realise it wasn't Lee.

Anyway we've thrown some proper food down our necks and caught up on some sleep so we'll be back and raring to go on Wednesday as I don't fancy the drive up and back tonight.

Here's looking forward to the Copa Bitetti on Nov18th and Urban Gorillaz on Nov 26th.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hi Guys

We are all knackered and in need of some real food. We arrived about 10.30 local time and went to get a taxi and the guy wanted 40 quid to go 15 miles so Ian told him to **** off. Got a bus and we just got dropped off in the middle of the city but we found the hotel in the end.

Myself and Neil fought today in Lightweight white belt. We were both drawn against fighters from Nacka Dojo and neither showed up - scared of the Northerners. I was given a victory by DQ but Neil was given a new opponent as there was a spare fighter.

Neil did well and swept the lad a few times and worked from the guys guard but he says his nerves got the better of him and didn't do what he would do in sparring and lost on points.

I got the bad draw and fought the guy who went on to win gold. Defended and sprawled several takedown attempts before getting pulled to the ground. Worked for turtle and escape but he caught my collar as he went over and choked me out.

Both of us have decided to go down to -70kg for the future. Neil only weight 70.1kg without his gi, whilst I was a flabbtastic 72.2. Ian has been giving us dietary advice all afternoon.

We hooked up with Adis and a group from Roger's and have been having a laugh - Adis knows the city like he's lived here 20 years.

Tonight there is an MMA show on in the city so we might check it out if we aren't too knackered and hungry.

Lisa fights tomorrow but we don't know what's happening as the girl in her division has moved up to -58 so Lisa might have to as well as there's no-one else in her division. Adis is also fighting -76kg tomorrow and should make the weight. Ian has no opponent so he says he's just gonna take a gold medal and not pay.

Might see you all Monday if not it'll be Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Gi class

A LOT of people are improving the general sparring standard. Well done. I'll fight you all next week :) It's interesting to just spectate sometimes.

If you have or know anyone who has an interest in a kids class post your interest in comments. It's a pretty strong possibility in the coming weeks. Assuming we can drum up some interest.

Lisa, Kieron, Adis, Neil and some knob called Ian are off to Sweden this weekend to take a look at a Gi competition. If anyone has a Swedish phrasebook or knows any swear words please let me know.

Still no camera so here's some more video slammage!

Bill vs some dude at TC17

I think I'll post up some of Dave's short fights and see if Cage Rage sue me

Friday, October 13, 2006

Spar Session!

Todays training was ace I thought. Next week: wrestling 101.

Dave looked in shape! Damn shame he's not fighting this weekend :(

Post caption to comments

Class is ON friday

Fridays class is on

Class is on Friday

On Friday Class is... on

Class Friday is on

Friday on is class

Well, everything except the last one. Dave's opponent withdraw at six this evening so the fight won't be going ahead. That's means... refer to the above.

Sucks as I wanted to see him fight :(

'tis a bummer the fight got called off so late in the day. Is anyone still going down? Not sure what's happening with the ticket situation...

Matt Hughes slam! Valhalla FC June '06

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Muay Thai day!

Hey Lisa you training later?

Here's a super funny thread on the underground...

Strikefore Tank Abbott Photoshop

Would like to grapple for her belt

Angrrr Managements ring girl

Who's coming down sat?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday BJJ

Easy warm up? Guard passing is a massively important part of the game. If you spend a little time when you step on the mat practising like tonight your game will go through the roof.

We worked on some nice Sweeps and setups. Anyone notice how were getting over-run with kids? The plan is to start a kids class at 5 or 5.30 that will run for an hour.

If anyone wants tickets to watch Daves fight on this weekend at Angerrr Managements 'Grrround and Pound' show vs Micky Young speak up this wednesday. There is at least a couple of cars going down so it makes sense to fill them up and split petrol. Tickets are twenty bucks.

Leave a comment if you want to go down Saturday to cheer!

Any suggestions for a fight team name?

Ian vs Stuart Grant CCA6

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rest Day

(Cheat day)

Today I ate a 12 Oz steak, a pie, a smothered chicked breast, 14 king prawns, a big pile of chips, chocolate brownie, milkshake, two chocolate bars, 4 chocolate chip muffins, loads of fruit and a modicum of vegetables.


white belt P3wnage muhahaha

Ian I have some news for you

Ian I have tried getting in touch with you all last night, but no luck.

Whilst speaking to Andy Halliday about Lisa's opponent I got talking about his team.

Ian he has a 19 year old lad who weighs 57kg and wants a semi pro fight. He's had a few grapple and strike fights but no MMA record.

I'll either see you Monday night or give me a ring.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Techniques will be rolling from six onwards tomorrow so try and make it down as soon as you can.

We'll be covering ninja secrets hidden in a scroll I found on a mountain. Also some regular BJJ stuff.

Williamino represents at Valhalla FC - June 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday 5th October

Spar session!

Anyone who wants to rumble will get p3wned (Says Kieron).

There is rumours afoot of an interclub... More clues will be divulged on Friday. I guess I should have a chat to Dave about this.

Coming soon... CrossFit Newcastle

P.S. Adis we miss you :( when are you gonna visit and how did you get on at Urban Gorillaz?

Dave vs Matt July 2005

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wednesday 4th October

Well done Boda on the new blue belt!

Good class tonight, it's nice to see so many people turning up to the mats.

We worked on finishes from the back/harness.
Also it was quite nostalgic watching everyone suffer through of Daves hellacious old school warm-ups... Was kinda glad I'm hungover/ill/jetlagged/injured so I could get away with dying in the corner.

Tomorrow is a spar session at Wallsend, Friday we'll be covering secret ninja moves. If you've got one bring a skanky old T-shirt your not bothered about seeing again!

Lift off...
Dave Elliot Angrrr Management KO show 14/May/2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dear Lisa


If you want to do some training tomorrow I'll be at Muay Thai for 7... You doing that course?

BJJ apparently not on

Erm... Elswick pool is having some kind of revamp activity so the mats aren't available tonight.

I found out just now when I turned up. I don't have my phone but we have a message board... If you find stuff out post it up ;-)

It's good to know.

See you's guys Wednesday!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Updates coming soon!

My camera phone is awol for a few days which sucks... but here's some cool footage...

Masakazu "leglock dude" Imanari

Masahiko Kimura - short documentary