Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hi Guys

We are all knackered and in need of some real food. We arrived about 10.30 local time and went to get a taxi and the guy wanted 40 quid to go 15 miles so Ian told him to **** off. Got a bus and we just got dropped off in the middle of the city but we found the hotel in the end.

Myself and Neil fought today in Lightweight white belt. We were both drawn against fighters from Nacka Dojo and neither showed up - scared of the Northerners. I was given a victory by DQ but Neil was given a new opponent as there was a spare fighter.

Neil did well and swept the lad a few times and worked from the guys guard but he says his nerves got the better of him and didn't do what he would do in sparring and lost on points.

I got the bad draw and fought the guy who went on to win gold. Defended and sprawled several takedown attempts before getting pulled to the ground. Worked for turtle and escape but he caught my collar as he went over and choked me out.

Both of us have decided to go down to -70kg for the future. Neil only weight 70.1kg without his gi, whilst I was a flabbtastic 72.2. Ian has been giving us dietary advice all afternoon.

We hooked up with Adis and a group from Roger's and have been having a laugh - Adis knows the city like he's lived here 20 years.

Tonight there is an MMA show on in the city so we might check it out if we aren't too knackered and hungry.

Lisa fights tomorrow but we don't know what's happening as the girl in her division has moved up to -58 so Lisa might have to as well as there's no-one else in her division. Adis is also fighting -76kg tomorrow and should make the weight. Ian has no opponent so he says he's just gonna take a gold medal and not pay.

Might see you all Monday if not it'll be Wednesday.


Anonymous Pete I said...

Sounds like the tournament is a little sparsely attended. Bad luck guys after making a big journey.

Thanks for the session yesterday Dave, awesome techniques and fitness.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Kieron said...

There was 384 registered. Loads of goods fights on Sunday inc Black belt absolute.

Lisa got silver in category

6:46 AM  
Blogger Neil said...

Yeah, was an awesome time... even though I didn't win I've learnt a load... like sleeping on the floor at stanstead for 6 hours does your back no good, and that I can beat Lisa at cards! mwuahaha!

Anyway, back home now and well fed, see you guys tonight.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

A huge thanks has to go to Kieron too mind you, he pretty much organised the whole trip for us lol and everything went totally smoothly!

2:09 PM  

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