Monday, May 26, 2008

NEGC - Results

Well there was a great day had by all, fun all round really with a good atmosphere plus another team trophy was brought home!

Results are... (apologise if I get any wrong)

Tyrone won his 3 fights in very short order against older and heavier opponants to bring home a gold.
Lee came home with gold after some excellent wins against tough opponants
Bill got a bronze after winning decisive victories and giving a bjj brown belt a good fight

I can't quite remember everyone elses results so I'll post them when I have everyones, but we all had a good day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New classes starting soon - slight changes

See post on 4th June above

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marc Walder seminar postponed til July

The seminar with Marc Walder that was originally in June has now had to be postponed until the 27th July as Marc is going in for another knee operation. If you couldn't make the seminar because of the date speak to Dave to try and book a place now it will be worth it!

We all wish Marc the best and a speedy recovery

Discount on supplements at Tesco

Can't remember if this was posted before, but it's worth reminding people. If you present your membership card for the club (or any other gym) you can get 20% off supplements and other vitamins and minerals at the nutricentre in Tesco at Kingston park... Worth it if you use them!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

North of England Grappling Championships 2008

On Sunday 24th in Castleview leisure centre in Sunderland the nogi competition takes place, we've now got competitor lists here. It was a good competition last year and looks bigger this year so should be fun, so far there is Jimmy, Chris, Lee, Bill, Bri and Myself competiting.

The rules list is as follows:

Illegal Technique’s

No striking of any kind
No fishhooks / eye gouging / groin contact
No throws or takedowns which aim’s your opponents head into the mat
No slam’s of any kind
No heelhooks
No twisting footlocks
No crucifix’s of any kind
No neck cranks which twist your opponent’s neck
No twisters
No grabbing opponents shorts/t shirt
No Vaseline’s, oils or balms to be applied
No smothering the mouth and nose
No grabbing opponents throat
No techniques to be applied in a dangerous manner
No supplex’s
No small joint manipulation
No attacking anything less then four fingers
Deliberately using illegal techniques will result in disqualification

Ways to win

By submission
Points win
Opponent tapping out
Opponent being disqualified

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

GB Newcastle fighters nutrition

Just going to share some more diet tips with you guys, here is 5 of us.. someone named 'The Tapas 5' last night, on our second round of four with three dishes per round. I honestly don't think I've ate so much in one sitting before. Pity whoever rolls with any of us tonight after all that garlic mind you...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

New fee rates

Just a reminder to what I posted earlier in the month for the guys who havent seen them, Dave has had to increase the fees thanks to rent increases and they are as follows..

Kids single class - £2.00
Adults single class - £6.00
Unemployed/Student single class - £3.50

Monthly fees -

2 classes x week = £30/month
3 classes x week = £40/month
4 classes x week = £50/month
5 classes x week = £60/month

For 1-2-1 private classes with Dave it's changed to £20 per session with a 15% discount on block bookings (see Dave for more details).

Friday, May 02, 2008

Another SENI Video

This time my first and last fight in the weight category on the Saturday, I lost but I thoroughly enjoyed this fight.. Only found this video thanks to my opponent in the fight adding me to msn...