Monday, September 25, 2006

Where's Wally?

OK you should all know Where's Wally well here's the GB Newcastle version - Where's Ian. I found this pic on the Crossfit site - it's from the place Ian went and he's somewhere in the picture - CAN YOU SPOT HIM????

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random news and photo's

Ok so I finally found some decent IT stuff... The Mac shop here is awesome, free use of the Ibooks and free internet

It's beautiful here. I wanna move to California. When I get some dough together I'm history.

I'm kicking it down at Santa Monica/Venice beach for a couple more days, then I fly up to San Jose and finally get to Santa Cruz Friday. It's just so damn nice here. Did I say it was nice?

L.A. rules so far. I'm coming back with a work visa :) I've caught the travelling bug.

Down on Santa Monica beach they have this big park with rings, paralettes, pull-up bars and a huge trapeze style set of rings strung together. It's awesome, check out the photo's. Today I saw Dan Inosanto working out with the crossfit guys here in L.A. (Google him). They had him doing handstands and swinging kettlebells and stuff. He looked way out of shape. I reckon I could kick his ass; but only by virtue of him being sixty plus. I hear he's now a BJJ blackbelt. Which is awesome.

He can't knee for shit though.

I'm bored of seeing celebrities now, yesterday I saw a porn star and a guy from Six Feet Under.

Oh I only know it was him because I saw him on T.V.

so long suckers

Monday, September 18, 2006

Gin and juice in L.A.

This place rocks!

Having a nice holiday here, I had to take one for the team and share a room in a hostel with four hot girls. It's hard to stop the partying.

I'll upload some photo's when I find a machine from the 21st century.

Missing the BJJ a bit. There is a school out in Beverly Hills I might look up later in the week.

The heat is killing me here :)

Shame I know.

Any gossip from home?

I hear Matt Hughes fought at Total combat lol

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Total Combat

Just a quick post to let everyone know the results.

Bill won via armbar at the start of the second round. Several big Matt Hughes style slams and some good groundwork.

Bri lost via armbar in the first round. Bri unlucky to get caught after some clinch to ground.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good night at sparring class

Was a good night at Wallsend with 13 on the mat. Nice to see a few of the guys who train during the week starting to come along to the sparring sessions as well. Speedy always says that you'll learn to roll better the more you spar.

I somehow managed to DDT myself right on top of my head - again. That's twice in a week. This time I had my mouth shut so I didn't bite through my lip but I think I'm gonna have to wear a helmet from now on.

Anyway if Ian is reading this I hope all went well with the flight and getting to the US. Everyone hopes you have a good holiday and can't wait to see the stuff you have us doing when you get back.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Pete Irving is fighting Sami Berik on Cagewarriors Showdown this weekend.

His opponent is around the same weight for a change.


Pete will be cutting from 84 kg this time to come in HUGE.

He's my hero.
Wednesday, September 13th

Tonights fitness stuff was... Muscle up clinic and squat therapy.
Dave Elliot got a muscle up on the proper Olympic rings instead of the Judo belts we usually use... Nice one!

Everyone understand the squat mechanics ok? Hope that made a lot of sense. Lisa's squat is now 100% improved. Good job ;)

Clock chokes and variations were the order of the day; your all going to wonder how you got home tonight haha. Man I love the Gi... I haven't had the chance to wear it since I got my magic belt but someones in for a choking when I get back from the states!

See you all in a couple of weeks; good luck Bri and Bill. You guys rock.

ADCC France 2006
Fernandez vs Thole

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday 12th September
Rest Day

Tomorrows fitness stuff will be good stuff! (Squat therapy and Muscle up stuff). We have new toys!
If you turn up early you can play.

Ahsan is a heavy breather.

How to Kill a Ninja

Monday, September 11, 2006

Upcoming Events for your Diaries

Friday September 15th
Total Combat 17 - Chilton - Bri and Bill are both fighting semi pro MMA. Bri is fighting for the lightweight title.

Sunday October 1st
Abu Dhabi UK Qualifiers - - for more info - submission wrestling

Saturday October 14th
Dave Elliot vs Vaughn Harvey at Angrr Managements K.O. show

Sunday October 15th
Cleveland Coastal BJJ

Saturday/Sunday October 21st/22nd
Scandinavian Open BJJ - Malmo, Sweden -
If you are interested in this event I can give you the flight details that the group is using to travel - it's only £95.

Saturday 28th October
Hungarian Open - - the day after there is a 4 hour seminar with Braulio and Ze Radiola.

Sunday 29th October
Ren Bu Kai Submission Wrestling and Amateur MMA - - both styles on 1 day

Check out the weight cats for boys.

Saturday 18th November
London Open BJJ -

Sunday 26th November
Urban Gorillaz Northern Open BJJ -

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday 10th September
Rest day

Bit of a disapointing day yesterday for the Newcastle squad.

I got re-injured in the first fight of the day and couldn't continue. Gutted. I need to take this week off to recover and then I'm off to the States so I'll see you guys end of September.

Pete Irving was pipped by John Kavanagh and took Bronze after a solid performance and Ahsan didn't make the finals but got a sweet 'floppy armbar' that no one caught on camera.

Pete Tiarks scored a takedown with the biggest air I witnessed on the day, then was later caught in a JK 'tine. (joint 3rd).

Man I'm gonna be ready for this one next time. Those belts were nice and the competition was solid. Kudos to the event as a whole.

The road trip was fun anyhoo.

Pit stop

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ian, Ahsan and the two Pete's are at the Supreme National Grappling Championships in Wolverhampton today - good luck to the 4 of them. Ian and Ahsan are both in the under 63kg category so they'll have to share the gold medal and title belt.

(Is this the picture you were on about Speedy)

Lisa is also fighting MMA today at Pride and Glory in Catterick. Her opponent is Anna Halliday and the fight is in the under 50kg weight division.
(Found this really old Jiu Jitsu pic, hardcore training on concrete with a blanket for a mat. Must have been a no gi class as they're all wearing board shorts. Don't get why the priest is there though?)

Friday's training session at Elswick saw another new face in the class and he was treated to armbars, rear naked chokes, triangles with the forearm in and also rolling armbars.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Road Trip!
Ok today we leave for the Grappling tourney on Saturday, if anyone else wants to come down then tough. Get your own Diesel 306 automobile.

It's up to Kieron to update so get some photo's or something funny posted up :)

Here's one of Ahsan and Lisa doing the Waltz:

It's a dance off!

Lisa appears to be leading here; what's the deal?

Good luck with the fight on Saturday Lisa, we'll be there to shout loud noises and show our support. Triangle from mount!!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Spar Session

Tonight is a sparring class at Wallsend... That means work on anything you like, gi takedowns, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, no gi grappling and beating up your mates. Good times!
Try and make it along if it's not a regular class. Sparring is important and the most fun you can have without getting arrested.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tabata Ring pull-ups

As many reps as possible in the allocated time:

8 intervals of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest.


Well done me! (I'm so hot right now).

Some of those scores are suspicious :-)

If anyone is interested I'm going to the Crossfit HQ out in Santa Cruz California this month. Check out

Cage gladiators 3rd Sept. '06

Tribute to Steve Irwin

As tribute to the late, great crocodile hunter, here's the greatest advert of all time. Ever.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday 5rd September

No training today unless you count training two Muay Thai sessions and sparring everyone to death.

Beware: tomorrows fitness stuff @ Elswick is pull-up intensive. If you don't like doing pull-ups then hang around outside until about 6.45 and the "warm up" is finished. On the plus side the winner of tomorrows fitness challenge will win this prize: You get your name at the top of the leader board + Kudos :)

Secret purple belt grappling at unknown time/location

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday 4th September

1 round for time: It's a big race! Heavyweights go first.

Form is everything

30 burpees
10 sprints
10 pull-ups
30 squats
30 push-ups
10 knees to elbows
30 situps

Scoreboard times: (click to enlarge)

Was it just me or was that hard work?

Training Monday A.M.

Lisa is fighting at the weekend in Catterick... Go Lisa. Some knob called Ian and his friends Ahsan, Pete I, Pete T and Richie Knox are going to the SNGC grappling tourney to bring back belts and prize money on the same day. No doubt we'll be back in time to watch Lisa slap a triangle on from mount. I predict a good weekend! I'm buying cigars.

Congrats Pete Irving

Nicked from CageWarriors

"Peter Irving def Kev Axworthy by TKO (Axworthy choked unconcious) 3.53 Rd1

Peter Irving put in a text book performance on ultra late notice (1pm today) against a much bigger Kev Axworthy."

Well done Pete!

Purple belt = super powers

(Addendum by Ian):

Pete did indeed get a late call yesterday... It was more like 2pm.
Tiarks agreed to drive so Tres Amigos went on a bit of a road trip.

The dude was big; I was kinda worried about the power the cat would have, but Pete did good.
After some nice wrestling control and takedowns he climbed on the guys back to pressure the choke on.

Nice display of positional domination and pressure to force the errors. Awesome skill.

Jiu Jitsu!!

Pete's gotta stop fighting these big dudes on short notice! Look for Pete to be shooting up the lightweight rankings this month. Go Pete!

(he looked mighty chiseled)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

BJJ Types Part 4

This is the fourth and final installment (I think), and it's my favourite as there are at least 3 or 4 of these that I can personally relate to, unfortunately :) . so here we go...

From Gumby's OnTheMat Blog

“Can I Try Something On You?” Guy:

While rolling, this guy (who has never tapped you, and will never tap you) says something along the lines of “Hey, can I try something on you real quick? I just want to work out the mechanics on something…” He puts you in his rear mount, sinks the hooks in, and violently puts you in a choke AT THE EXACT MOMENT THE INSTRUCTOR WALKS BY, you tap, and the instructor says to the guy “Very good! You’re showing much improvement!” and looks at you with a mild look of disbelief on his face.

“WhatChaWeigh?” guy:

Whenever he taps to something, he asks what his opponent weighs. If it’s even 200 grams more than him, he nods as if to suggest that he only lost due to weight mismatch. He has probably asked you your weight at least once a week for the past year. (Note that when this guy fights smaller people, he forgets to ask)

BackFromGym Guy:

Seems to only come to class on days he has worked out at the gym. Lets you know that he is tired and weak from his work out. Makes sure you know exactly how much he benched that day.

The “I Suck” Guy:

Any time he gets tapped by someone at the school he starts loudly talking about how much he sucks. He keeps repeating this over and over until someone notices and reassures him that he’s good. If anyone ever agrees with him that he really does suck, he sulks and doesn’t come back to class for about three weeks.

The Former Star:

This guy used to be one of the best in the class, able to do anything to anyone whenever he wanted. Stops training for a while, comes back and gets all disappointed that other people have actually improved and gotten better than him since he left. Usually decides to train hard for a week or two to regain his position, but gets frustrated quickly when he doesn’t immediately become godlike. Very often decides to write a book about grappling or discuss game plans with others instead of actually practicing or rolling.

“Getting Serious Again” Guy:

has been training for as long as you can remember. He comes to class after being out for a while and always says the same thing..”Man, I (insert excuse like injury, wife or g-friend, kids, work, car trouble, finances), but I’m back for good now, you’ll see me here everyday!” and then he again disappears after like 2 weeks of training. 3 or 4 months down the road…repeat above sequence.

The Asshole:

First day for any whitebelt, the asshole will try to heelhook them, neck crank them, or otherwise grind the **** out of them just to feel an ounce of power. Since the asshole won’t train with any serious challenges, however, the whitebelt will eventually surpass him, and the asshole will mysteriously disappear from class.

The Future Champ:

He is pure Bigger wanna-be carioca, knows the names of every BJJ champ and the latest gossip from the UG. He talks about being Mundial champion from whitebelt, yearns to move to Brazil to train, is always looking to do another seminar or private with a Brazilian, and yet does not attend class regularly, always has an injury or excuse when it’s time to compete, wants to drill rather than spar, and talk rather than drill.

The De-Man-Izer:

This is the small person (often a girl) who will single out the biggest, highest ranking male she can find, then fling her tiny body at him and proceed to beat him down and tap him within an inch of his life. Often, her victims will lose all testicular fortitude, cry, and quit the sport for life…

The Tough-Ole-Bastid:

This is the guy who started later in life but despite his age, he is tougher than 90% of the twenty-something’s. He can get kneed in the head, kicked in the groin, or have his arm near torn off, and barely grimace as he continues to grapple (often against someone a lot bigger).

The Tougher-Older-Bastider:

This is the guy who started even later in life and despite a host of injuries, does 1hr of circuit training before class, grapples all the good/big folks in class despite being injured, and then bikes the 20 miles home telling everyone he’ll see them tomorrow for morning class.

The Codger:

This is also an old dude who just does it for fun. Against new people, he trash talks–”Can you feel the armbar coming? Can you feel it?” Against better people, he still trash talks “Missed that choke? Something not go as planned?!”

The Bleeder:

This guy got a mat burn the first time he rolled and has been knocking off the scab every time since.

The “Can you Show that Again?” Guy:

This guy never has a good enough angle when the instructor demonstrates the move. Once the drilling begins, he usually has to watch the people next to him do the move at least two or three times before attempting it himself. He sometimes resorts to calling the instructor over and asking a question before he even attempts the move.

The Humble ****-You-Up Guy:

This dude is a really good bjj guy but he’s humble, and scared as ****. This guy will tap you at times, then immediately talk about how he sucks, and you’re so much better and it was pure luck….to get over that initial awkward feeling between you two, when you just tapped to him.

Take Every Advantage Guy:

can always be found taking any advantage he can get while rolling. If starting on knees, he’ll stand up to get leverage. He’ll accidentally rip one of your fingers back to break your grip. He’ll poke you in your butt to get you to stop from going for that leglock. When you finally get him in a bad position, he’ll ask you stop for a minute “because we are too close to the wall,” and then he’ll want to restart back on the knees. This Guy acts this way because he treats every training session as the Finals of the Pride Grand Prix.

The Lazy Possum:

This guy has some skills but he fights really lazy and defensively most of the time and you think you have his number. But on occasion when there’s an audience or some chick watching he decides to bring his A game and you’re in a world of surprise, the guy suddenly becomes Marcelo Garcia.

The Gassing Giant:

This guy is an ex-power lifting bouncer type who throws you around for 5 minutes, but then winds up on his back and as soon as you think to yourself “now it’s my turn” he suddenly becomes too exhausted to continue and quickly says “let’s take a break man”.

Sack of Knees and Elbows Guy:

A squirmy bastard, usually an explosive athlete, you dominate this guy, but you feel like someone put you in a sack full of knees and elbows and started to shake it violently. After rolling, you are bruised up, if not cut.

The Kung Fu Grandmaster:

He always reassures you in the fact that he is a blackbelt in some traditional style , as you start to roll he grabs you with a death grip from hell and will never pull guard , even after two years of training. You pull guard and sweep him with a basic butterfly guard because if you pull closed guard he just grabs and pinches your arms making it not worth your effort. You pass his guard and mount, and even after being told 253 times that you cannot wrist lock a guy and throw him off from the bottom mount, he tries it again, and you start salivating from his arm being extended as you slowly move into the armlock.

The Judoka:

Similar to the “name that sub” guy, but this one names the sub in Japanese “yep, that’s juji-gatame” and every time the instructor shows a technique he nods his head and names it in Japanese.

No Responsibilities Guy:

maybe 20 yrs. old, lives at home. His mom washes his gi, make him dinner, and all he does is go to 2 college classes a day and trains the rest. He is always saying you should come down to train Wrestling at another place or Striking at another, meanwhile you have a 9 to 5, wife and kids and a mortgage.

The Lot Shark:

This guy drives to jiu jitsu, trolls the parking lot to make sure none of the guys who hand him his ass’s cars are there before coming in.

Early Retirement Guy:

Taps you the one time in his life and then retires “one up” for life.

The Steven Seagall Grappler:

Tries to take you down by tweaking your wrist….just cant believe that **** won’t work.

Street-Tough guy:

watched a couple UFC’s and decides to come down to the gym and “**** people up.” This guy inevitably picks the weakest looking member of the gym and demands to roll with him. Unfortunately for them, the small guys they pick are usually awesome technicians and they destroy the tough guy. I love playing along with the student when the tough guy demands to spar him. I’ll say stuff like “Do you want to roll with this new guy? Are you sure? He outweighs you and looks pretty mean. If you’re scared or nervous it’s ok.”

The “Heel Hook Hero”:

This guy has no idea how to pass the guard and he doesn’t want to learn. All he wants is to fall back and do his best Ken Shamrock impression. When he meets someone who won’t fall for it he convinces himself that he can beat the guy if he just trains a few more leg locks.

Tres Amigos

They're Down On Their Luck And Up To Their Necks In Senoritas, Margaritas And Banditos!

Well done Lisa, Bill, Chris, Lee and Ross on shiny new blue belts.

More photo's to follow!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Chris's Next Opponent

Mrs. Ida Grady, 79, of Wallsend Knitting Club has put down the challenge to Gracie Barra fighter Chris McClarence.