Saturday, April 25, 2009

Facebook group

Okay for those of you that are on Facebook, there has been a group created so we can quickly pass on news and info etc.. If your already on there chances are someone has invited you, if not.. click HERE for a direct link and get involved if you want to.

MMA weekend

Okay well to kick things off we have Adam fighting amateur MMA on Billy Sauls show tonight in Gateshead then we have Mr Bill 'Dangermouse' Coultas fighting Mark Connor on Strike and Sumbit tomorrow night at the Federation Brewery.. Results will be posted as they come in

Royce Gracie seminar

Okay well today we had our seminar with the legend himself, Royce Gracie.. I think everyone agreed it was a fantastic seminar with some awesome techniques. We all loved the chess match sparring at the end, excellent! The man is an excellent teacher and a true legend, many thanks to Dave for getting him up here.

Oh, and the prize for the first person to get his pics up on Facebook is Chris Brown, congrats you win a free kneebar!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New blue belts!

Well in tonights class Dave gave out two new blue belts, to both Joe Dixon and Paul Anderson, very well done guys and certainly well deserved!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Royce Gracie seminar - 25th April - Times

Just to let everyone know who's going to the Royce seminar, it's at the usual Easy-Gym building in Kingston park and it's starting at 12 midday to 3pm.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

BJJ British Open - June 21st

Well to replace the Gracie Invitational being cancelled along with the SENI show, Braulio Estima is running an event he's calling the 'British Open' on the 21st June. It's at the cocksmoor road leisure centre, registration isn't up and running yet but the site is

One of the best active competitors there is running it, and a good venue.. should be awesome! - His website is at too.

I will keep the site updated with info as its recieved.

Royce Gracie seminar - 25th April

Don't forget guys, the Royce seminar is coming up a week today! (25th April) - it's going to be a fantastic day, 3 hours of training with one of the true greats and legends of our sport.

If you are planning on going make sure you get your money to Dave ASAP this week, places understandably are limited.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to normal tomorrow

Okay guys from tomorrow (Wednesday 15th) training is back on as normal, so we can get back into our hard work and burn off those easter eggs!

So, Easy Gym building 6.30pm - 8.30pm BJJ Gi class. Don't forget also the Royce Gracie seminar is not long now so get your money and reservation into Dave asap, any questions see him in class tomorrow. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dave 'Speedy' Elliott Vs Jean Silva - 30th May

In Newport, Wales on the 30th May Dave has got a fantastic rematch against Jean Silva in the first round of the featherweight BFC tournament. The first fight was going really well for Dave until an unfortunate eye poke.. both are fantastic fighters so should be a great one. If you want tickets or a table see Dave.. support him if you can!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Royce Gracie seminar - 25th April

Don't forget guys we have the seminar from the legend himself, Royce Gracie coming on the 25th April. The man really is a living legend, we probably wouldnt be doing BJJ together now if he hadn't demolished the early UFC's. Places are limited and disappearing fast so get your names and £30 to Dave asap.

Easter training times

Times for easter training are:

Good Friday - MMA/NoGi - 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Easter Monday - SHUT!

As usual times after that too.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ground control grappling tournament - 26th April

Yet another good tourney coming up shortly, this time it's the ground control tournament in Manchester. There is both a beginner and advanced category in this tourney for fighters training under 12 months and over 12 months. There are some excellent prizes too .. 

Advanced Division Prizes
> All Advanced division winners will receive:
> Free Entry Pass to Ground Control Event worth £15
> £30 worth of NOGI fight wear
> Invite to 4 man CASH PRIZE tournament at next event! (either u80kg/ o80kg)
> Ground Control Winner T shirt

Beginner Division Prizes
> All Beginners division winners will receive:
> Free Entry Pass to Next Ground Control Event worth £15
> Ground Control Winner T shirt

All runners up (2nd and 3rd places) will receive a free Ground Control T shirt.

Weight categories are as follows..
> Men’s Weight Classes
- 68kg
- 73kg
- 80kg
- 87kg
- 98kg

Check out the rules, how to register and some video clips at the website HERE

North East Grappling Championships - 14th June

Well I've received the new flashy poster from Trevor in the last couple of days so here it is.. With it being local if you can go, get yourself along and support it and compete. It's not a lot to enter and is always a good fun competition with a good level of competitor.

Don't forget we have a team trophy to defend too.. Dave is currently the holder.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Gym shut on Monday - 6th April

Well I know it's kind of last minute but we only found out tonight thanks to Bill's eagle eyed observation! - The gym is closed on Monday for water works maintenance, so don't turn up. Back on Wednesday as normal though.