Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sportfight Scotland 2 - It's on!

10th of December
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Sportfight Scotland, the new MMA promotion run by Garry Christie and John Nicolson returns for its second show on Sunday the 10th of December, once again at Smiths Hotel in Kirkintilloch.

The show is headlined by the vastly experienced Dave Elliot vs Kevin McAlonan in a featherweight clash and Ian Malone vs Steve McCombe in a bantamweight showdown. (That's us woohoo).

Tickets are priced at £15 in advance and £20 on the day. Holla if you'd like to make the trip up and want tickets.

Sportfight Scotland 2
Smiths Hotel
December 10th

Jez triangling some dude. Rob?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gi Tournament 6th December

Wednesday 6th December we'll be holding a knock-out style gi tournament starting from 7pm onwards.
The format will be similiar if not identical to the last one:

Three weight classes; starving, non-starving and not hungry divisions.
5/6 minute time limit.
Fights are to the death.
No twisting leg locks or wedgies.

If anyone wants cameraman duties for the video feel free.

Chris fought valiantly at the weekend and was defeated in the last minute of the final round. He's still a stud. That kneebar was sick.

Belated congrats on your brown belt mr Elliot :-)

Bri vs Gav Sept '06

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Northern Open

Urban Gorillaz Northern Open 2006

The Gracie Barra Newcastle team came away with one gold and two bronze medals from the competition.

Lisa got the gold in Female Blue -58.5kg after fighting Pippa Granger in a best of three contest and winning match one by 7x0 and match two by 4x0. James got the bronze in Blue Super Super by tapping out his opponent by kimura. Neil got bronze in White Lightweight after out-pointing his first opponent and then coming back to out-point in the bronze play-off.

A good day was had by all. Good luck to Chris at ValHalla.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tyrone taps out brown belt

That is no lie...apparently (according to tyrone).

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! everyone at urban gorillaz, and Chris in his 3rd semi pro fight at Vallhalla on Sunday.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Who's going to the BJJ Northern Open?

If you are going to the Urban Gorillaz Northern Open on Sunday 26th could you leave a comment on this message - saying whether you are driving as well - as people are wanting to go and need to know if they can get a lift.


Congratulations to Dave who received his brown belt from Marc Walder today. I know everyone at the club is very proud of Dave's achievement.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dave 'Speedy' Elliot fighting 10th December

Watch Dave vs Kevin McAlonan on The Fight Sport 2 show in Glasgow next month.

Dave is going to be a MONSTER at 65.8 kg

Hopefully I'll get a fight on the same show, and put the choke on a guy from the same gym as Daves opponent.

Can anyone lend me five kilo's?

Dave Elliot vs Philly San Cage Rage 7

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Updates; Marc Walder in Newcastle this weekend

Woohoo! Wednesday is usually quite busy with a lot of you guys on the mats, so... If you haven't already and if you want to be there on Sunday bring cash or talk to Dave.

Big congratulations to Bill and Lee who did the business at the weekend. Perfectly executed gameplans and control from both guys. Definitely some highlight reel stuff when we get the video back. I want no part of being squashed underneath either of them. You guys rock.

Did anyone take any photographs or get the CD's from the venue?

Sometime this week will be live. Ha. I got there in the end. Strength and conditioning sessions will be going on most mornings and afternoons of the week, as well as most weekends. Check out the website for more information. CrossFit rules. We need our own gym soonish methinks.

Pete Irving is taking part in a waaaaaaaay important tournament at the weekend.
Cagewarriors showdown 2
Number 1 Lightweight Title Contender Tournament

Quarter Finals

1. Ian “M-16” Butlin (Northern Cartel) Huddersfield, UK vs. Emmanuel Geay (French Top Team) France

2. Thomas Hytten, (Team Norway) Norway vs. Jarkko Latomäki (Shooters MMA) Finland

3. Bryan Cohen (K-POZ MMA) Armonk, New York, USA vs. Tomonari Kanomata (Paraestra Hachioji) Japan

4. Peter Irving (Sor Thanikul) Newcastle, UK vs. Mick Sinclair (Wolfslair Academy/Bisping Total Fighting) Clitheroe, UK

This is BIG. If anyone wants to there should be plenty of time to make the trip to Sheffield after Marcs seminar Sunday. (Or talk to Ahsan to bum a ride).

Good Luck Pete!

Post your well wishes to comments :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well done Bill and Lee

Bill arriving at the venue by taxi.

Bill and Lee both fought at Total Combat 18 last night and both came away with the victory.

Bill fought an excellent fight against a good striker and landed a sweet right hand that put the guy out on his feet, he was then on the guys back and applied the rear naked choke and put the lad out before he had the chance to tap.

Lee fought a tough opponent called Brian Muckels and showed some excellent ground work, taking his opponent down at will and using some excellent g'n'p to the body as well as several kimura and key lock attempts. Lee worked well for the two rounds and won by judges decision.

Well done to both guys.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cleveland Coastal 2007

Just received the entry forms from Shaun so I'll bring them up tonight for everyone who is interested.

The form is straight forward but for those guys who've not done comps before here's what the initials stand for and their weights (weights include wearing your gi)

R = Rooster = under 57.5kg
SF = Super Feather = under 64kg
F = featherweight = under 70kg
L = lightweight = under 76kg
M = middle = under 82.3kg
MH = medium heavy = under 88.2kg
H = heavy = under 94.2kg
SH = super heavy = under 100.4kg
SSH = super super heavy = over 100.4kg

Hope this helps you fill out the form a little easier.

Rules for BJJ matches can be found here

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday - No Gi class

If you've got gloves and a gum shield bring them tonight. (Nothing to worry about).

Ninja secrets will be revealed, we'll show you how to wield the hammer fist of a thousand truth's. It can cause one twenty damage per second, with an instant mana burn and an enchanment that boosts it's stamina plus eighty. lol

Malmo - Sweden 'Oct 2006