Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials UK leg

I know a few people have asked me to let them know what is happening in with this, there has just been a webiste out up.


The competiton will be on 12th December in Dartford. In case you haven't heard about the competition it is a GI comp, the European trials for the Abu Dhabi world Jiu Jitsu cup 2010. Purples, Browns and blacks compete together with the winner of each weight class qualifying, as well as flights and hotel paid for. The winner of the white/blue absolure also qualifies, again with flights and hotel paid for.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glasgow open entries

Glasgow open fees - £20


List of competitors so far (let me know if I've missed you)Lee Howes - Purple belt - 93kgNeil Duncan - Blue belt - u82.5kgKamil Tarnowski - Blue belt - u76kgMark Platts - Blue belt - u70kgSanjit Singh - White belt - 95kg+You don't have to give me the money until we arrive at the competition then I can just pay in one lump for the cheaper £20.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baz wins 2nd MMA fight in style

Right from the bell Baz completely dominated his fight, starting it off with a BIG slam when his opponant pulled guard, worked excellent body shots and never once looked in trouble in guard. 2nd round dropped his opponant with a few nice leg kicks, more body shots and after being stood up shot in for a excellent double leg takedown forcing his opponants corner to stop the fight.

Fantastic performance after having his opponant changed on the night and being outweighed by over 6KG!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Class times

Just to remind everyone, or new visitors to the site.. if you check out the link on the right of the page that says 'Timetable' it has an up-to-date version of the class times and locations.

Back in as of tonight

For those who've missed training over the bank holiday we are back in from tonight (Wednesday 2nd) usual time of 8pm-10pm class.