Monday, September 04, 2006

Congrats Pete Irving

Nicked from CageWarriors

"Peter Irving def Kev Axworthy by TKO (Axworthy choked unconcious) 3.53 Rd1

Peter Irving put in a text book performance on ultra late notice (1pm today) against a much bigger Kev Axworthy."

Well done Pete!

Purple belt = super powers

(Addendum by Ian):

Pete did indeed get a late call yesterday... It was more like 2pm.
Tiarks agreed to drive so Tres Amigos went on a bit of a road trip.

The dude was big; I was kinda worried about the power the cat would have, but Pete did good.
After some nice wrestling control and takedowns he climbed on the guys back to pressure the choke on.

Nice display of positional domination and pressure to force the errors. Awesome skill.

Jiu Jitsu!!

Pete's gotta stop fighting these big dudes on short notice! Look for Pete to be shooting up the lightweight rankings this month. Go Pete!

(he looked mighty chiseled)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's effing excellent. Not many fighters would've done that. Balls and talent in abundance.


5:13 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

...the chiselled comment is a reference to the fighters only interview and is only a little bit gay

1:18 AM  

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