Wednesday, May 14, 2008

North of England Grappling Championships 2008

On Sunday 24th in Castleview leisure centre in Sunderland the nogi competition takes place, we've now got competitor lists here. It was a good competition last year and looks bigger this year so should be fun, so far there is Jimmy, Chris, Lee, Bill, Bri and Myself competiting.

The rules list is as follows:

Illegal Technique’s

No striking of any kind
No fishhooks / eye gouging / groin contact
No throws or takedowns which aim’s your opponents head into the mat
No slam’s of any kind
No heelhooks
No twisting footlocks
No crucifix’s of any kind
No neck cranks which twist your opponent’s neck
No twisters
No grabbing opponents shorts/t shirt
No Vaseline’s, oils or balms to be applied
No smothering the mouth and nose
No grabbing opponents throat
No techniques to be applied in a dangerous manner
No supplex’s
No small joint manipulation
No attacking anything less then four fingers
Deliberately using illegal techniques will result in disqualification

Ways to win

By submission
Points win
Opponent tapping out
Opponent being disqualified


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