Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday - Rest Day

Get eight hours sleep, eat well, rest up.

A few people have expressed an interest in eating better for body composition, performance and health reasons, so I'm planning to post up some guidelines on fuel; A.K.A. nutrition.

The CrossFit prescribed diet goes like this: Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

What this means for most people is cutting out the bread, pasta, wheat products, sugary crap breakfast cereals and following a more natural diet that your body was designed to run on. Make sense?

Balancing out the combination of protein source, carbs and good fats every meal is critical. A typical meal might look like this:

Protein - Every Meal:
Chicken – 3-4oz /120g
Beef – 3-4 oz
Fish – 3-4 oz
Eggs – 2-3 whole eggs
Tuna - can of...
120g drained weight
Smoked mackerel - 3-4oz

Vegetables - Every Meal:
Vegetables – all varieties…as much as you want, especially:
Tomatoes (I know it's technically a fruit but they rock).

Fat - Every meal:
Nuts: raw or LIGHTLY roasted and preferably unsalted – small handful
Almonds (my favourite source)
Avocado – ½ of medium sized one

Olive Oil – use as salad dressing – 1 Tbs. or neck it on a spoon out of the bottle if your brave like me.

Fruit – Occasionally, always with protein!

In order of preference:
all berries


Espresso or Americano’s only
– preferably black - no sugar or artificial sweetner!

All flour products (bread/cake/cookie
s/scones/tortillas/pastries etc.)
All sugars
No Jamba juice! – too much sugar! No Coke, Pepsi or sugary drinks whatsoever.
No Dairy (cheese/milk/butter/cottage cheese, etc)
No Mochas, No Lattes, No Frappaccino’s

Try it for 21 days and tell me you aren't sleeping better, recovering quicker, have more energy, better body composition, feel great, feeling mentally sharper in your job and kicking ass on the mats. (The most measurable benefit for most people will be body fat loss, it will melt off you.)
The second most measurable benefit for most people will be performance gains, indicated by strength, power, endurance and speed improvements across the board.

All measurable health indicators will improve from bone density to blood lipid values and everything above.

The most important supplement you can take apart from sorting out your diet is fish oil.
you need 2.5 g daily of the active ingredients EPA/DHA. This means necking about eight fish oil capsules daily. Try and get at least five a day or a couple with every meal.

Google for info about fish oil - it works wonders for all measurable benefits listed above.

The best place to buy fish oil in the UK is tesco. It's sold as Omega 3 pure fish oil and at the moment is £3.99 for 180 capsules.

Thanks and that is all; please make cheques payable to Ian for the amount of one million dollars.

Ok I'm off for todays dinner number two :)

Scandanavian open 'Oct 2006

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Blogger Ian said...

I wanted to look hot so I could hook up; so I wore my little black number

6:32 PM  
Blogger Kieron said...

Ian gets desperate to have someone in his weight category - he resorts to fighting a blue belt.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Pete I said...

Damn Ian, your so smart I might just scratch the cheque and hand over that million in cold hard cash.

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Graeme J said...

Having lost his Gi Ian jumped the only competitor who had a similar sized Gi..

11:38 PM  

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