Friday, October 13, 2006

Class is ON friday

Fridays class is on

Class is on Friday

On Friday Class is... on

Class Friday is on

Friday on is class

Well, everything except the last one. Dave's opponent withdraw at six this evening so the fight won't be going ahead. That's means... refer to the above.

Sucks as I wanted to see him fight :(

'tis a bummer the fight got called off so late in the day. Is anyone still going down? Not sure what's happening with the ticket situation...

Matt Hughes slam! Valhalla FC June '06


Anonymous Bill said...

That's not a Matt Hughes Slam! I'll see if I can rip my slam from the T17 DVD. Thats a "proper" slam!

By the way that pic of me down on the bottom right of this page shows awful technique. Legs crossed with a RNC? Two broken ankles coming my way there :-P

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Bill said...

Well you could see my awful technique but I just realised that the pic changes every time you refresh the page.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Neil said...

I was too busy being choked lol

9:41 PM  

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