Monday, October 23, 2006

Swedish News

OK we're all home safe and well (enough).

Lisa fought in the -53.5kg category as there was a late entrant. The girl tried to pull guard and swept Lisa. Lisa locked on half guard and worked back to guard and fought for collar chokes and armbars before locking on a triangle. The girl shook her way out of it after a good while and ran the clock out. Lisa lost 2-0 on points.

Ian had no-one in his category so was offered an exhibition fight against the -70kg guy who had no fight. The fight was back and forward but his opponent used his extra weight to trip Ian several times and sweep before winning the fight in points.

Lisa then fought in the absolute and was drawn against a -64kg fighter who stood about 5'9". The girl jumped guard and pulled Lisa down but didn't score. Lisa worked hard to pass the guard for the majority of the fight but her opponents longer legs posed a major hurdle and kept dragging her back to guard. With less than a minute on the clock the girl through her legs up for the triangle, which Lisa defended, and then went over her head to finish with a sitting armbar.

It was a good weekend, albeit a hungry one, and if anyone wants to do it next year I would recommend it as it is a very well run competition with a good skill level.

The trip home was a killer - we left Sweden at 9.30pm, our time, and landed at 11.20pm. We then had to sleep on the cold floor of Stansted until our flight to Newcastle at 8.15am. It was one of those weird nights were you don't sleep and your mind goes mad. I woke up around 5 to find a bloke who looked exactly like Big Lee sleeping on the benches across from me and it took me a while to realise it wasn't Lee.

Anyway we've thrown some proper food down our necks and caught up on some sleep so we'll be back and raring to go on Wednesday as I don't fancy the drive up and back tonight.

Here's looking forward to the Copa Bitetti on Nov18th and Urban Gorillaz on Nov 26th.


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