Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday BJJ

Easy warm up? Guard passing is a massively important part of the game. If you spend a little time when you step on the mat practising like tonight your game will go through the roof.

We worked on some nice Sweeps and setups. Anyone notice how were getting over-run with kids? The plan is to start a kids class at 5 or 5.30 that will run for an hour.

If anyone wants tickets to watch Daves fight on this weekend at Angerrr Managements 'Grrround and Pound' show vs Micky Young speak up this wednesday. There is at least a couple of cars going down so it makes sense to fill them up and split petrol. Tickets are twenty bucks.

Leave a comment if you want to go down Saturday to cheer!

Any suggestions for a fight team name?

Ian vs Stuart Grant CCA6


Anonymous Pete I said...

Studly performance from Ian on that clip - cold as ice.

Why are you asking for team names - ballistic archaeology is no longer the order of the day?

1:21 AM  
Anonymous Bill said...

How about Death-Pirate-Ninja's-with-Fucking-Big-Lasers-Coming-Out-Of-Their-Heads?

Rolls off the tongue nicely I think :-P

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Neil said...

hmmm bit of a twister that one lol..

as for dave's fight me and baz are going down in his car so far..

10:44 AM  

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