Thursday, October 29, 2009

More stripes and Neil Duncan gets purple

Another excellent class last night from Dave, with some great armbar escapes which everyone enjoyed. During the sparring there were a few stripes given out, Dave Allen got a very well deserved 2 stripes on his white belt, David Nielsen also got his 2nd. There were others, but there is a list needed - coming soon once known. Also at the end of sparring Dave presented me with my purple belt, very ecstatic and huge thanks to Dave and everyone there for the congrats!

EDIT - Other missing stripes were Jimmy who got a stripe on his white belt too, well done!


Anonymous sausage said...

nice one neil! congrats.

somebody (whoever 'anon' is) predicted this on the thread below!!

5:21 PM  
Blogger NeilD said...

thanks! they certainly did lol, not sure I know who you are either mind you hah

9:34 PM  

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