Friday, May 01, 2009

Month full of MMA

16th May - Total Combat - Rainton Meadows Arena

Mark 'Groundskeeper Willie' Platts Vs Adam Steele for the bantamweight title

Ingolf Nielsen Vs Pete Hill in the 1st round of the £1000 lightweight title tournament, in which he can potentially get a rematch against the fighter he was beating last time, Anth Grecian!

Both fights are sure to be fantastic, both are training damned hard!


30th May - Pride & Glory - Scottswood social club, Denton

Lee Howes Vs Dave Bullock , Lee makes his return to MMA for his 2nd MMA fight

Steve Stringfellow Vs Paul Cooke for the Middleweight British Title

2 excellent matches both Lee and Steve come on strides each time they train.

30th May - First round of the British Fighting Championship - Newport, Wales

Dave 'Speedy' Elliott Vs Jean Silva

Dave gets a fantastic rematch against Jean Silva after his very fast 30 sec submission of Tommy 'Gun' Greaves, their first fight was going very well for Dave who was 'only' a 3 stripe blue belt at the time until an unfortunate eye poke... promises to be a right battle!

As usual, see the fighters for tickets if your going, support them!


Anonymous Simon Scarfe said...

Woah woah woah... I need to double check: What's the name of the guy Lee's fighting?

1:42 PM  
Blogger NeilD said...

LOL!!! typo! - Dave Bullock , not 'Bollock' haha.

2:47 PM  

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