Sunday, December 21, 2008

New year, new competitions

With every one being disapointed with the Northern open being cancelled I thought would post details of a couple of competions in the begining of the new year if any one fancies traveling to them.

First one is Ground control grappling, a no Gi comp in Liverpool on Feb 22nd I think they are doing beginners cats. (less than 12 months) as well for the less experienced guys.

The second one is the Bristol open - winter leg. This is a Gi comp but I lot further to travel! This is going to be split over two days, Feb28th and March1st


Blogger NeilD said...

Interesting info James... Might do that ground control one, week after my MMA fight lol, not sure about Bristol open though, bloody miles away... shall see who wants to go to that split lifts

9:21 AM  
Anonymous James said...

I am about 90% sure I am going to do Bristol, mainly cos Maria has family down there and has been badgering me to go down for a long weekend for ages so thought I could combine it with competitng especially if my cat. is on the Saturday :)

I would be interested in doing the Ground control one if there are enough people interested to keep the costs down for petrol (and give me a lift :) )

11:09 AM  

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