Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bills fight!

Well for those that don't already know (won't be many of you) Bill won his first pro fight via G n P in round 2 with some devastating elbows. I can't do it justice by describing it.. you had to be there but it was an awesome fight.. Bill took some good shots but showed incredible heart to pull through and win.

He also got a good old Bill-style slam (even better if the dude hadn't grabbed the ropes) which got a nice big cheer.. Think I can speak for everyone there when I say he did himself and everyone else proud, enjoy your time off Bill!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Bill, a good start for a what will be a great career! With GNP allowed and in the cage the pro-rules are tailor-made for your mate!

Best wishes for the next battles, see you in a few months maybe!

Yves(the forward roll ninja)

9:13 PM  

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