Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Marcs Inclub - Update

Got a few more details on the inclub for those who wern't in last night - The date for the comp is the 25th of October, which is a Saturday. There will be white, blue and purple belt categories with maybe(?) an absolute. Weight limits are as follows:


Rooster - 57.5kg
Super feather - 64kg
Feather - 70kg
Lightweight - 76kg
Middleweight - 82.5kg
Medium Heavy - 88.5kg
Heavyweight - 94kg
Super Heavy - 100.5kg
Super super heavy - Over 100.5kg

All weights you weigh in with a gi on...

Let Dave know if you can do it ASAP, with your weight and belt so he can get numbers or if your not going to be in email your details on to me and I'll pass them on.


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