Sunday, August 03, 2008

OnTheMat BJJ Championships

Hi guys from sunnyLong Beach.

First day of the tournaments today. The place is like SENI only 95% MMA. We met Jens Pulver, Pat Miletich, Din Thomas, Robbie Lawler, Kyle Maynard, Uriah Faber, Shannon Hooper, Gazzy Parman, Tonya Evinger, Mike Bisping, BJ Penn and Joe Stevenson just wandering about.

Anyway Lisa won gold in her weight division (54.5kg) after jumping guard for an armbar and then tightening her guard and locking in the cross collar choke for the submission.

She got silver in the absolute after losing to an 80kg opponent. Lisa went for the single leg and drove like mad for it but the girl dropped her weight on top and squashed her into the mat. Lisa fought like hell to recover and almost reversed several times but the weight difference was too greast and Lisa lost on points.

Lisa was then asked to do a superfight with a teen competitor who is a college wrestler, just did the trials for the US Olympic judo team and also does BJJ. It was a good fight which Lisa unfortunately lost 0-4 after the girl secured the mount following Lisa's takedown attempt.

So fight day 1 - 1 gold and 2 silvers. It's the US Open no gi tomorrow.


Anonymous kamelia said...

well done

3:44 PM  
Anonymous monkey said...

nice one....LOL!!!!!!

8:10 PM  

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