Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FILA Grappling Tournament

I'll be collecting entry money from now until Aug 31 for the competition (I'll bring entry forms on Friday for everyone) so please have your money for me (£25 for one event or £30 for both gi and no gi)

There's been a couple of changes to the FILA Grappling Tournament so I'm putting the details here for everyone to see.

They have made it three levels of ability novice, intermediate and advanced.

Novice: Less than 18 months of training any grappling art (white belts only).
Intermediate: Less then 3 years training any grappling art, (blue belts in BJJ).
Advanced: Over 3 years training any grappling art, or purple belt and above

So for example if Jimmy wanted to enter he'd have to do advance due to his Judo experience. Neil could have the choice of intermediate or advanced. Chris or Lisa would have to do advanced as they have trained more than 3 years.

The age limit is over 20 but 18+19 year olds can compete with permission.

The advanced will be a pool system with everyone fighting each other. You must do advanced if you want to qualify for the Great Britain Team (and take a passport to prove nationality).

Novice and intermediate are knockout comps but have repercharge like Judo, so if you lose in the first round to the eventual winner you can get a second chance and fight off for a maximum of bronze medal.

Weights are the same

Men: 62, 70, 80, 92, 125
Women: 48, 55, 63, 72

Straight ankle locks are legal in all divisions.(Gi and No Gi),
Kneebars, figure-four toeholds, bicep slicers, and calf slicers are only legal in Advanced divisions (Gi and No Gi). A slicer is the American name for a muscle crush.

Entry: £25 one event or £30 for both
Spectators: £5 (£3 kids)

Weigh in is in shorts or underwear and on the day will have a 1.5kg allowance

No gi event is on the morning, Gi event on afternoon


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