Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mundials Trip Day 1

What a long day it's 8pm LA time now but 4am in Newcastle.

We got dropped off at 12am Monday to catch our flight and arrived in LA at 9pm UK time so 21 hours of travelling.

We got on the plane at Heathrow to fly to LA and Mauricio Gomes is sat next to us for the flight - strange co-incidence. The flight was 11 hours, but there was free movies so watched tons of TV.

We had fun at US customs as Lisa had an apple in her bag so we had to do extra bag searches and paperwork as you can't bring fruit into the country.

We've had a good wander around - found Hooters and they were showing MMA on TV so we had to get some tea.

Anyway I'm off to bed as I'm wrecked - will post some more stuff tomorrow or Wednesday as there is computer access in the hotel.


Blogger NeilD said...

Have fun ;)

Tell Jezzmeister I'm dissapointed he hasnt updated us lol ;)

9:23 PM  

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