Monday, June 09, 2008

Mundials - The Final Report

Day 7 (Sunday)

We decided to get the train to Hollywood in the morning and be tourists before going to the Mundials on the afternoon. We had a cool morning, went to the waxworks museum and wandered round Hollywood.

We didn't get to Long Beach until 3pm so it was too late to get back to the Mundials. We had a wander and found a tattoo shop that is the official oldest tattoo shop in the USA and 2nd oldest in the world. Ed Hardy used to work there. So I got a tattoo done.

Day 8 (Monday)

We had to check out early so we've been wandering round Long Beach, had dinner at Hooters and now it's about one hour until the bus picks us up for the airport and we're on our way back to sunny Britain.

We don't land back in Newcastle until 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday) so it's gonna be a long trip. Think Jez gets back just after us as his flight is 3 hours after ours.

Will see you all Friday hopefully.


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