Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mundials Day 6

It was a good day. We met up early and went to the Mundials. Watched the brown/black belt female absolute - Kyra Gracie was kicking ass. Sat around us were Kayron, Renzo, Royler and Kyra Gracie as well as Ze Radiola, Kid Peligro and Josh Barnett. Also saw Relson Gracie.

We saw Roger, Xande and Andre Galvao have a few fights each which were class as they were schooling their opponents.

We went to the tattoo convention - nothing new added to the collection but we saw some cool stuff and a burlesque show.

We then made the trek to Hooters to watch the UFC and it was full of people from the UK at the Mundials so it was a good atmosphere. Anyway we said our goodbyes to Jez as we'll not see him until we're back in Newcastle.


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