Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mundials Day 5

We met up with the Jezmeister and went to Universal Studios. It was hilarious. We went in the house of horrors and Jez and Lisa were screaming like girls - Jez even hid behind Lisa. We went on all the rides and got absolutely soaked. We went in this photo booth and you can get your face imposed on celeb posters. I get myself on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine which looks mental and Jez is now Jez The Barbarian. It looks like we've both been hitting the roids all week.

Tomorrow (Sat) the plan is

Hook up with Jez and go watch the black and brown absolutes in the morning.

Then in the afternoon there is this conference called Iron and Ink. It's a massive tattoo convention but it has all custom American power cars and classic automobiles and motorbikes as well. To top it off there's a 50's pin up style model contest/beauty pageant so that'll be cool. Hopefully get some more ink - trying to talk Lisa and Jez into getting their first tattoos as well (not gonna hold my breath though)

Then at 7pm the UFC is on pay per view. The only bar we can find that is showing it is Hooters so we're all going to make the sacrifice and go there to watch it - it's a hard life


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