Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bristol Open

Results from the Bristol Open

The women were divided into u60kg and +60kg. Lisa won bronze in her weight division after fighting Marta Wyrzykowska, a Polish judo black belt, and going to a points decision.

She then competed in the female absolute and defeated Emma Baker, of Combat Academy, in the first round by points, won again on points in the semi final over Leoni Munslow, Pedro Bessa Academy, a +60kg category fighter. Lisa then met Marta again in the final of the absolute and after scoring the takedown with a single leg was caught with an armbar to come away with the silver medal, after three fights in 15 minutes - as the venue wanted people out as they had the room booked for someone else.

Leoni Munslow, Lisa and Ester.

Video of Lisa v Leoni in round 2 of the Absolutes.


Anonymous James said...

Well done Lisa, didn't even realise you were going!

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Cheers it was a good day - I'd definately go to that one again - didn't know I was going!! decided last minute to enter when GENX was postponed last week

8:29 PM  

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