Sunday, January 20, 2008

UFC 80 and competitions..

Well it seems like there was quite a club turnout at UFC 80 last night with Dave and myself in the same area as the fighters family and friends which was awesome and also Tyrone, Ross, Chris, Jez, Andy, Gav, Gary and Bill there too! Awesome show.. nothing like being there in person to hear Mr Buffer annouce.

We have a couple of upcoming competitions too, first off is the biggest.. The Europeans in Lisbon, Portugal on the 26th and 27th with Big James and Lisa competing and both are kicking some ass at the moment!

Plus there is also the Urban Gorillaz 'GenX' NoGi grappling tourney coming up on the 2nd of March in Birmingham at the same venue as the Northern Open. It has both a novice and advanced section (2 years training and below for novice) So a busy time ahead!


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