Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yesterday's trip to Marc's

It was a long day but a fun one.

Dave picked us up at 6am and we were on our way to London. Dave's new Sat Nav got a major road testing and, apart from telling us we were driving in a field near Leeds, passed with flying colours.

The class at Marc's was as busy as ours with 2 purples, about 12 blues and 8 whites on the mat. We ran through an excellent group of techniques from the guard linking armbars, triangles and omoplata.

The sparring was good and I got to roll with 2 purple belts and 2 blues. For everyone who wants to know what Tyrone will be like in 5 years you need to roll with Adam Edwards - he does all the crazy, experimental, bendy BJJ that Ty does but with a man's strength behind it.

Following the training Dave and Marc did some photos for a project Marc is working on and Neil, Ty and myself chilled out.

Next time Dave is going to Marc's try and get yourself there.


Blogger Neil said...

No, you chilled out and fell asleep lol.. me and Ty carried on rolling for quite a while why they did the photo shoot.. lol

Was a good day though, great bunch of guys down there and very friendly was great fun getting to roll with some new faces not under competition lol

7:47 PM  
Anonymous James said...

Sounds like every one had a good time, going to try and get down to Marc's next time.

12:22 PM  

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