Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weight in results

Dave weighed in at 66.2 kg, his opponent weighed in at 66.2kg

Both within the 1lb tolerance (450gms)

Ian and his opponent both weigh in at 10AM tomorrow morning.

See you guys at the show tomorrow or Monday night back at training.

Wish us luck :-)

Sportfight Scotland 2
Sunday 10th December
Doors open 1:30pm
First fight 2pm

Smiths Hotel
David Donnelly Place
G66 1DD


Anonymous lisa said...

Good luck to you both - (although you don't need it) text us the results please :)

8:54 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

I hope we will see you! - Can't get in contact with lee :(

9:00 PM  
Anonymous greg said...

good luck guys. i'm guessing there's no chance anybody will get to see evidence of your cardio though ;)

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Graeme J said...

Good luck guys and see you tomorrow!!

Neil what time you gonna be there for?

I'll meet up with you when I get there


11:21 PM  
Blogger Ahsan said...

kick some assss!!!!

11:51 PM  
Blogger Neil said...

Graeme... don't know lee was going to ring me by 9 this morning, but not yet.. glasgow is a canny drive too innit?

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Graeme J said...

Will take you 3 hours mate (ish)

I'm leaving in about 10 mins..

What's your e-mail? I'll send you my mobile and you can call me when you get there.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still waiting for him too Neil mate, I got a funny feeling he's slept in :-(

10:19 AM  
Blogger Neil said...

graeme. my email is

Thats my msn too if anyone wants to add me lol..

Bill - guessing thats you anyway lol - if I trusted my car to make it to glasgow I would take that for us, Maybe your train tickets were a sign mate..

Hoping we can still get there, been looking forward to this for weeks!

10:33 AM  
Blogger Neil said...

Just been talking to a mate and apparently if its busy or the weather is crap cos there's loads of speed cameras too it can take more than 3 hours :(

10:34 AM  
Blogger Ahsan said...

just got word that dave won by heel hook and ian lost to a his opponent who weighed in considerably heavier than him apparently.

6:40 PM  

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