Sunday, December 10, 2006

Results from Scotland

Hi guys

Got the text from Dave.

Speedy won in 1.44 of the 1st round with a heel hook.

Ian lost his fight - no details as yet.


Blogger Ahsan said...

woo congrats speedy.

unlucky ian, i heard the guy came in alot heavier than you?

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Pete Irving said...

Ian was giving up alot of weight and that's what cost him. He won the first round by a massive margin, he put the jiu-jitsu on him like Marcelo Garcia. He was half way to a Mata Leao for about 3 minures but the guy powered through. He caught a good kick in the face when he was down, and the fight stopped for a while. The guy turned up the aggression and gave Ian some big digs, and capitalised with the choke when he was rocked. Ian showed shit loads of skill, when he can get an opponent his own weight he's going to shine.

10:03 PM  

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