Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In-club tournament tonight Wed 6th - Who's got the moves?

Time to don your gi's and show your stuff in three different weight brackets; light, medium and heavy. No belt categories!

Please make every effort to get yourself along and have a go. The taking part is important no matter what the outcome. If someone puts the moves on you then we'll just laugh about it and keep replaying the video forever and put it up on the web.

Try to get there early as well!

Special prize for best sub and most technical fighter :-)

Happy birthday Tyrone ;)

Triple A


Anonymous Large David said...

Good luck everyone,
the last one of these was great fun.

Is Tyrone competing this time as well? If so I think I know who'll win the most technical fighter prize...

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Graeme J said...

Gutted I missed this :(

Who is goin on Sunday? Anyone got tickets yet??

8:59 PM  

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